Since the human race came into being, there has been a mention of societies and social groups which the individual has always been a part of. These social setups define the lifestyles, behavioral patterns, and belief of the people in it. Our actions and reactions are based on the age-old inherited beliefs. Hence it is becoming increasingly important to study these relations and their impact on the society to make the world a better place for people from different social, geographical, economic backgrounds.

Human behavior is relatively a wider term which defines our lives and has a larger impact on how we behave, interact and what we contribute to the existence of mankind. The branch of science which elaborately study the social and cultural aspect of human behavior is the social science. It includes various specialized areas like sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, political sciences, specific historical correlated studies, and linguistics.
• Anthropology- This branch of social science studies the biological origins and cultural history which gave a base for the evolving human nature and lifestyles. An in-depth study of the biological origin of mankind which has been the mysterious topic of research since ages. Cultural backgrounds and their relation to demographic existence justify the way people behave and live in different parts of the world.
• Sociology- The thought process behavioral patterns of humans are majorly impacted by the religious and social environment in which an individual grows up. Especially in today’s world, the religious beliefs are taking over the common sense of individuals and guiding them into certain actions which are adversely impacting many lives. Hence to understand the reasoning of such extreme behavioral patterns, the in-depth sociological study is required.
• Psychology- The way we think, live and behave has a direct connection with the physiological status of our mind and is majorly impacted by the people living around us. Whether its enthusiastic approach or pessimistic saddest approach, the way we think defines our actions. Hence it becomes vital to understand the external influences on our mental health to ensure positivity in the society.
• Economic and political circumstances- The economic circumstances of an individual influence the lifestyle and the social circle of the individual. People belonging to weak financial background have varied desires, requirements, and parameters of happiness as compared to individuals from richer families. Governments tend to empower the backward classes through various reforms to give them equality and a good standard of living. What is essential is to ensure that the benefit of these reforms should appropriately reach to the needy. Hence a detailed knowledge of this specialization of social science enables reformers, social workers, to bring a change in the lives of people belonging to poor and backward classes.
With the increasing sense of intolerance, negativity, and resistance to change among the population’s world over, more and more people are getting attracted to study this specialization. So, they can contribute in an efficient way for the welfare of the society and motivate the mankind towards adopting a more peaceful, positive and happier lifestyle.