The new age society has been evolving with technology towards a busier, tech-savvy and least personal interaction format. As it is rightly said that everything has its good and bad flipsides. Although the freedom of thought and idea have been achieved through the use of various social platforms, the warmth and innocence of personal interactions are lost somewhere. People tend to strongly put up their opinion and actions without being bothered about its impact on the lives and circumstances of others. This increasing insensitivity and intolerance among the new generation prove the need to study the behavioral aspects of mankind to find a solution to these complex social problems.

Some of the value additions and benefits of studying social science are
• For any company or government, offering a solution to the existing challenges need a detailed analysis of their varied socio-cultural backgrounds, economic and demographical status. Unless their lifestyle and related problems are not understood properly, appropriate and efficient assistance cannot be provided to them.
• Social science is the study of human behavior. A good understanding of this aspect makes people management easier for the service industry. With the right counseling and correct guidance given people by the social scientist, the level of crime and the psychological distress in the society can be drastically reduced.
• With the technological advancement, there are various ways that young generation can be influenced easily. Timely tackling the troubles, can save their future and make them responsible citizens as they grow.
• Social science increases the literacy of our rights and responsibilities towards the society. People feel empowered and stand strong to fight for their rights and enhance their lifestyles. As we all are part of this social setup, there is a certain decorum which all of us follow to ensure that not even out of ignorance we are harming our surroundings.
• Improves the mental and physical health of people. With stressful work and family scenarios, we tend to compromise on our health and develop certain mental problems. Social science provides us with the right assistance at the right time. These professionals like criminologists, counselor for social problems like family or child abuse play a very noble role in saving lives of many troubled individuals.
Social science specializations like anthropology, sociology, psychology, economic and political study are gaining popularity across the world. The new age marketing approach of companies are based on the anthropological study of the targeted customers. Political performance of various governments is largely influenced by people geographically placed and demographically distributed into various religions, lifestyles, linguistic groups. Hence to understand the needs and offer the best solution, government hire social scientists to do a detailed study.

There is also a direct relationship between nature and social science. With the increasing environmental threats of climate change, global warming, natural calamities, the mankind has accepted that all this has been a result of human interference and actions. Now it’s a high time to rectify all the mistakes made before it gets too late. To resolve the problem, we need to understand the real cause of it first. Hence social science can guide us with the origins and resolutions of these manmade ecological problems.